Latinas Trounce Trump

Latino voters overwhelmingly support Hillary Clinton (66%) to Donald Trump (20%), according to a Fox News poll conducted August 7-10.

But take a close look: There’s a whopping gender gap.

A majority (56%) of Latino men favor Clinton, and give her a 30% advantage over Trump.

But an astounding 75% of Latinas favor Clinton, giving her a 61% advantage over He-Who-Would-Build-A-Wall.

When Bill Clinton ran in 1992, his theme song was a Fleetwood Mac standard, Don’t Stop (Thinking About Tomorrow).

Hillary Clinton should be negotiating the rights to another Fleetwood Mac super hit: Landslide.


Fox News Poll

2016 Presidential Vote Preference
Among Latino Registered Voters

.                                                   Men      Women
Clinton                                    56%      75%
Trump                                     26%      14%
Clinton Lead                             30%      61%

August 7-10, 2016  Men + or – 5% Pts., Women + or – 4.5% Pts.



Clueless in Congress

US Capitol - Govt photo Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 6.38.15 PMKathleen Parker’s September 29 column offers unintended insight into the bizarre mind of at least one Republican congressman.

Complaining about the sophistication of the Freedom Caucus – the group that played a role in pushing out Speaker John Boehner – this unidentified House members says:

“These are the guys who couldn’t get a prom date. . . . They’d rather rape and pillage than do the hard work. They can’t get to first base much less hit a home run.”

Seriously? Continue reading “Clueless in Congress”

5 Questions for CSU Trustees to Address Gender Gap

CSU needs more women presidents, as detailed in my recent Sacramento Bee Op-Ed: Cal State system has a major gender diversity problem.

The CSU Trustees can address this gender gap, by asking the following questions at their upcoming board meetings, scheduled for September 8 and 9, and November 17 and 18:

1.    Diversity Goals
Have we set specific diversity goals for our campus leadership?  For the Office of the Chancellor?  Are we on target in meeting these goals? Continue reading “5 Questions for CSU Trustees to Address Gender Gap”

10 CSU Campuses that have Never had a Woman President

My recent Op-Ed in the Sacramento Bee identified 10 CSU campuses that have never had a woman president.  Here’s the full list:

  1. Bakersfield
  2. Channel Islands
  3. Chico
  4. Fresno
  5. Los Angeles
  6. Sacramento
  7. San Bernardino
  8. San Diego
  9. San Francisco
  10. San Luis Obispo

The Chart Tells All: Women Presidents of Color Under-Represented at CSU

Are you a statistics nerd? 

My recent Sacramento Bee op-ed — Cal State system has a major gender diversity problem — took a careful look at gender and race/ethnicity.

Below is a chart I put together that shows the representation of male and female CSU presidents — white, African-American, Latino, Asian — compared to their representation in California’s adult population.

The major take-aways?  Men from all backgrounds are over-represented.  Women of color are under-represented.  White women are at parity – but only because of the one-year interim appointment of Susan Martin as president of San Jose State University.