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Trump should follow some of George Washington’s rules about manners
Sacramento Bee
January 25, 2017

As a young man, George Washington transcribed and committed to heart 110 rules of etiquette that guided his outlook on life and governance.  Our 1st president’s advice for our 45th couldn’t be more clear: Manners matter.

UC Regents Need to Push for Gender Parity at the Top
Sacramento Bee
September 11, 2016

Chancellor Linda Katehi’s resignation last month from the University of California, Davis, had an unintended outcome: Only one of 10 UC campuses is now led by a woman.  The UC Regents have the political power to break the ivory tower’s glass ceiling.

Five New Female Presidents Transform Leadership at CSU
Sacramento Bee
June 12, 2016

Through the appointment of five women in the short span of four months, CSU leaders pushed the percentage of women campus presidents close to the glass ceiling’s breaking point.

Mayoral Candidates Need to Debate Women’s and Girls’ Issues
Sacramento Bee
April 9, 2016

There’s a hot mayor’s race in Sacramento, and more debate is needed on issues like child care, sexual harassment, appointments to boards and commissions, and more

In Richmond, Race and Gender Really Do Matter
Bay Area News Group/Contra Costa Times
March 4, 2016

Health equity programs like Health in All Policies in Richmond, California, are undertaking critically important work, but need to focus on both race and gender to understand and address individual and community health.

California Lawmakers Must Adapt to Changing Families
Sacramento Bee
January 26, 2016

Governor Brown and other California lawmakers have not yet fully envisioned and addressed how the changing composition of California’s families will slowly drag down the economy unless we make strategic changes to our workplaces, schools, and public services.

California State University Needs More Women Presidents
San Jose Mercury News
November 2, 2015

The appointment of a woman president at San Jose State University could have profound ripple effects throughout Silicon Valley.

Can Women Ever Influence Catholic Doctrine?
Sacramento Bee
October 10, 2015

Pope Francis should be lauded for his leadership to protect our planet and empower the poor — but don’t count on him to shatter the stained glass ceiling.

Personal Essays

Indivisible: A Thanksgiving Essay
November 18, 2016

Our recent Presidential contest, marked by acrimonious accusations and acidic social media, cleaved our country into red and blue, and made many of us wonder if this indivisible nation might be permanently divided.

And while differences abound on public policy and programs, this blue voter wonders if the deepest fault line might be our different expectations for what constitutes acceptable public behavior in the public square.

From Coma to Connection: Why I protect my hearing
October 13, 2016

Thirty years ago, I emerged from a spinal meningitis coma, with doctors fighting to save my hearing with massive doses of prednisone. . . . To say it was a stressful time for me — and my brand new husband — would be an understatement.