Gubernatorial candidates: Commit to making CA a model employer

I’ve spent the past several months writing about equity issues for California’s state workers.

The upshot? Progressive California is falling short.

State lawmakers have passed progressive policies promoting gender pay equity and paid family leave that benefit most private sector employees — but not all state employees.

This needs to change.

Wouldn’t it be terrific if the gubernatorial candidates committed to making California a model employer?

Below are op-eds published in the Sacramento Bee.

California’s paid family leave program is a national model. Shouldn’t state workers get it, too?
August 27, 2017 – Sacramento Bee
In one of the lesser-known ironies of California’s nationally recognized paid family leave law, the program is out of reach for the majority of the State of California’s own employees.

How long will women have to wait for pay equity?
June 25, 2017 – Sacramento Bee
A woman taking a job today with the State of California might close out her career before the state achieves gender pay equity.

Is rigged research widening the state’s gender pay gap?
June 18, 2017 – Sacramento Bee
Successful collective bargaining by powerful, and mostly male, public safety unions has helped perpetuate the gap pay gap between men and women who work for the State of California.

Women are paid less than men even in government jobs. Even in California. Why?
June 11, 2017 – Sacramento Bee
California laid the groundwork in 1981 for closing the gender pay gap for state employees, but has been far less successful than Minnesota.

Professional women asking why state undervalues, underpays their work
April 2, 2017 – Sacramento Bee
California has failed to implement pay equity for state workers, despite a law establishing the clear intent of the State Legislature that women be paid equal wages for work of comparable value.

Author: Kate Karpilow