Latinas Trounce Trump

Latino voters overwhelmingly support Hillary Clinton (66%) to Donald Trump (20%), according to a Fox News poll conducted August 7-10.

But take a close look: There’s a whopping gender gap.

A majority (56%) of Latino men favor Clinton, and give her a 30% advantage over Trump.

But an astounding 75% of Latinas favor Clinton, giving her a 61% advantage over He-Who-Would-Build-A-Wall.

When Bill Clinton ran in 1992, his theme song was a Fleetwood Mac standard, Don’t Stop (Thinking About Tomorrow).

Hillary Clinton should be negotiating the rights to another Fleetwood Mac super hit: Landslide.


Fox News Poll

2016 Presidential Vote Preference
Among Latino Registered Voters

.                                                   Men      Women
Clinton                                    56%      75%
Trump                                     26%      14%
Clinton Lead                             30%      61%

August 7-10, 2016  Men + or – 5% Pts., Women + or – 4.5% Pts.